Multi-disciplinary design, speculative futures and brand strategy. Working at the intersection of brand, music, venture & infrastructure projects for creative people. In 2023, Bianca is currently co-designing brands, spaces, and products that empower people to design their own futures.

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A newsletter called Brain Dump. Ideas, products, cultural musings, the in-between.

About + Contact

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Multi-disciplinary design, speculative futures, brand strategy

The Hustler's Agenda

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Undated planners & tools for those who need a home for big ideas and big plans.


12:17 PM  􀆊
Curriculum for the design track will be delivered prior to the VR track.

Savannah Ré, Universal

10:10 AM  􀆊
All social experiment creative decks were sent.


9:47 AM 􀆊
Send off bios for all tenants to Dana.

Tunde Balogun, LVRN

7:18 AM  􀆊
The Bearbrick statue is a dominant piece – let's add that to the...

Futures and Fringes

1:10 AM  􀆊
Feedback on their governance model prototype will be added to the alternative economies rese...

Love and Hip Hop NY

Yesterday  􀆊
They said the last thing Cardi needs is a press kit. Dream Doll bio interview will be via phone.

City of Toronto

Yesterday  􀆊
Thanks Laura :) I also attached the PO and invoice for reference. How's your daughter?

Speaking / Press / Media

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Panels, interviews, features, collaborations